Reclaimed Flooring

Reclaimed Parquet Herringbone

Reclaimed Parquet is a very different side to parquet flooring. It is a more expensive route to parquet floors and the reason for this is every block has to be inspected and cleaned by hand. This is because when it comes to the laying stage it will sit nicely together and that it bonds correctly to your subfloor. Also as you cannot guarantee the condition and the moisture content of the blocks there is more intensive labour with the sanding and the finishing of these floors.

MM Parquet Flooring Specialists can supply and fully fit these floors and achieve a beautiful effect of reclaimed floor which will give you character in your home. Please ring to check availability on types of timber as there is limited stock on reclaimed floors.

Reclaimed Plank Flooring

If you are looking for something more traditional we can provide reclaimed plank flooring that will give a vintage look to your home or business. Reclaimed flooring is becoming more and more popular and is available in a wide range of timbers.

These types of floors are very rich in colour like all reclaimed timbers. These timbers are a natural product so when it comes to laying there can be a lot of marks, holes, chips etc. in the timber which is normal characteristics with these types of floors. If you would prefer a cleaner look to your floor we also provide and sanding and maintenance service that will eliminate the damage done to the reclaimed plank over the years.

Reclaimed plank flooring is available in Pitch pine, Maple, Barn Oak, Beech and Ash.

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