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Herringbone Parquet

Herringbone Parquet Gallery

Parquet herringbone floors are made up of a number of timber blocks; parquet floors are totally geometrical and angular. Parquet is a symbol of craftsmanship and luxury.

Parquet Floors come in a number of designs; the most popular is the traditional herringbone ...More Info
Basketweave Parquet

This design is more suited to a large room due to its block formation. Basketweave is a very impressionable classic design. We have fitted this type of floor in large lounges and restaurant and hotel floor area. Again this floor is beautifully themed with light and dark woods such as oak, teak, ...More Info
Chevron Parquet

Chevron design follows the same idea as herringbone but with a 45-degree cut rather than the traditional herringbone which is a 90-degree cut. When you have achieved these cuts in Chevron, the floor will give a visual illusion of high and low dimensions.

We recommend Chevron in larger rooms, as ...More Info
Tumbling Block Parquet

Tumbling Block Parquet design is a 3D effect floor created by laying the floor in block formation with a combination of light and dark timber.

Tumbling block is a combination of three cuts. When these cuts are put together they give the effect of a 3D box rising out of the floor.

We can ...More Info
Versaille Parquet

Versaille is a design but is also available in a panel pattern. Versaille is a unique pattern and comes in many designs which we can manufacture to suit the client's design needs. This traditional European design is stunning when laid out with the modern square pattern to provide you with the look ...More Info
Customised Mosaics
Parquet Flooring
Mosaic hardwood flooring, customised to your requirements, represents what many consider to be the utlimate in hardwood flooring elegance. Be extraordinary with mosaic parquet hardwood flooring crafted to your specifications.

Contact MM Parquet Flooring ...More Info